4 Tips for Dealing with Cracked Tiles

Ceramic tile refinishing

Most ceramic tile will last a long time but it can be damaged by harsh cleaners. Over time, it can also become chipped, stained, worn or discolored. If you have some cracked tile, you may be worried that you will have to redo all of it but that is not the case. There are things you can do when you have one or more cracked tiles. Here are some ways you can deal with them without redoing your entire ceramic tile job.

1. Paint the tile.

If you have cracked tiles and the crack is very tiny, you can often paint over the problem. This method of dealing with cracked tiles really only works for tiles that are just one color. If you have tiles with a pattern or an interesting texture, painting the cracks will not be as effective. This is also not recommended for stone tiles. If you have extra tiles, bring them with you to the paint store. They can get even mix up some paint to match your tile perfectly. That is the best way you can make sure you get the right paint to cover the crack in your tile.

2. Use tile filler and paint.

If your cracked tiles have larger cracks than a hairline crack, you can use tile filler and then paint. Take a cotton swab and apply the tile filler. Let this dry and then use a damp cloth to wipe off any of the excess tile filler. When that is complete, paint the tile. This will make it harder to see the crack.

3. Use a glaze.

This is a good way to fix the crack but leaves it visible. You will need to use the glaze on all of your tile, not just the cracked tile. This is to make sure that it all matches. You can use the glaze and then paint the cracked tile to make the crack less visible and improve the look of the tile. Clean the area thoroughly. If this is a floor tile, you may need to clean it more than once. You need to get it as clean as possible. Any dirt or dust that is left on the tile will be trapped there when you apply the glaze. You should also make sure the tile is totally dry when you put on the glaze. You can go with a clear glaze or one with a color. You should open your windows when you are doing this. Follow the instructions from the glaze manufacturer. Some glazes need more than one coat on tiles.

4. Get new tile.

If you have a seriously cracked tile, you may need to just get a new tile. You do not have to replace all of your tile to fix one or two cracked tiles. Before you start this process or remove the cracked tile, make it a point to find a tile that is the same shape and size of the broken tile. If your tile that is broken is made from some special material, you need to make sure you can get a replacement tile that has been made from the same stuff.

The first step when you are replacing the tile is to get rid of the cracked tile. Take a towel or rag and put it on top of the cracked tile. Use a hammer or mallet to shatter the tile. Once that has been done, you can remove the pieces of tile from the area. Use a putty knife to get rid of any adhesive that was under the cracked tile. Clean the area of all debris or remaining adhesive. Once that is done, you should put on a new layer of adhesive and then set the new tile in place. After this is done and everything has dried, you have to put new grout around the new tile.

Painting and glazing existing tile is also how to make your old tile look new. Using tiles in your bathroom and kitchen is a great way to make the space waterproof and easy to clean. A good tile job can last a long time and is very easy to maintain.


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