Your Guide to All Weather Durability Hoses

An all weather durability water hose is an essential tool for homeowners and gardeners. Hoses can typically be found at local hardware and discount stores, as well as big-box retailers. With all the many choices, how are you to decide which hose is the best?

Choose the Correct Hose for Your Needs

  • Vinyl hoses are a good choice for basic watering needs. They are lightweight, easy to handle and less costly than rubber hoses.
  • If you live in a climate with extreme temperatures, then a heavy duty rubber hose is the better choice for an all weather durability hose, as it will last longer than a vinyl hose.
  • If you will be cleaning furniture or heavy equipment that may have sharp edges, then choose a reinforced hose, which has several layers and a mesh covering.
  • Choose a rubber industrial hose if you need to use hot water on a regular basis, as it will hold up to extremely hot temperatures.
  • A sprinkler or soaker hose is a superb choice for watering the lawn on a regular basis. Both types of hoses lay on the ground and have evenly spaced holes for the water to ‘leak’ out. The holes on a sprinkler hose face upward and shoot water up in the air, whereas the holes on a soaker hose face down, allowing the water to trickle into the ground.
  • An expandable hose is compact and works well for light watering needs, but are more susceptible to tears and punctures. These hoses also need to be completely drained after every use.
  • Choose a hose with antimicrobial protection if you are going to use the hose to fill a pool, allow your children to drink from it, or use it to water a garden.
    • Consider Length, Diameter, and Quality

      • Garden hoses measure anywhere from 25 to 100 feet in length. Choose the length based on the size of your property, and if necessary, connect two hoses together to reach a longer distance.
      • The amount of pressure you need should determine the diameter, keeping in mind that the wider the diameter loses less pressure over a longer distance:
          • A half inch diameter delivers about nine gallons of water per minute, which is sufficient for basic watering needs
          • A five-eighths inch diameter delivers approximately 17 gallons of water per minute
          • A three-fourths inch diameter delivers about 23 gallons of water per minute
              • Choose cast brass fittings over stamped brass fittings, as cast brass is of high quality and reduces the chance of damaged fittings.
              • An adjustable brass nozzle will fit better and outlast the life of a plastic nozzle.
              • While in the store, test each hose to find out if it bends or kinks. Many hoses are advertised as kink free when they are not. To test a hose, unroll it approximately two feet and then bend it in half.
                • How to Care for Your All Weather Durability Hose

                  • Wind your hose on a reel to prevent damage and kinks. Reels can be mounted to your house or on a stand-alone cart.
                  • Drain your hoses completely and store before the temperatures drop below the freezing point.
                  • Store your hoses in a garage or basement, as cold temperatures can cause hoses to crack.

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