Will Spray Foam Insulation Work for Sound Deadening?

If you have been looking into spray foam insulation and wondering if it will help with sound deadening, you are in the right place. This article will cover what you need to know about using insulation and if it can help with noise reduction.

How Sound Moves In Your House

Before talking about if spray foam insulation will help with reducing noise, it’s important you understand how sound travels in a house. Either from room to room, or floor to floor, what matters is the materials used to build the walls or floors.

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If the material you used is thicker or thinner, this will play a role in sound traveling in your house.

Air Ducts

One of the biggest ways noise can travel through your house is by air ducts. Because of how the air ducts are wide open spaces for air to travel, it’s also perfect for carrying sound. Depending on how these ducts are connected, the sound will easily pass through from room to room.

How Spray Foam Helps

Spray foam insulation can help with sound deadening, but it will not make for perfect sound reduction. With using the spray foam insulation you will not get a perfect sound reduction to other factors, but it can still be very beneficial.


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