Which Type of Material is Best for Your Driveway?

One of the first things someone will notice when coming to your house is the driveway. Depending on the type of material you use, you will have to maintain it accordingly. In this video, a driveway contractor discusses three different types of material used for driveways.


Asphalt driveways require the most maintenance out of the three materials. But, it costs the least to initially install.

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Asphalt can easily be damaged by the weather or cars driving over it. Cracks can develop and spread throughout the entire driveway, but they can be a simple fix.


The next material this video talks about is concrete which is the second least expensive material in the video. Unsealed concrete can be damaged by salt. So be careful when thinking about using concrete. If the concrete is not exposed to salt, then it requires the least amount of maintenance out of the three materials.


The last material is paver which is the most expensive out of the bunch. One thing that can happen with pavers is that weeds can grow within the cracks. It is recommended to spray the cracks to kill the weeds.

Check out the rest of the video for more tips about your driveway!


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