Where to Start With an AC Install

There is a lot to understand when it comes to an AC install. Having the proper equipment and knowledge or crucial to maintain the integrity of the system, as well as your home. With the right stuff, it can be a task homeowners can tackle themselves.

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Always start by cutting the power to the old system. This is the best way to avoid causing yourself any unnecessary harm.

Next, use a refrigerant recycler to recover any remaining refrigerant from the old AC. This can be put into the new machine after it is recycled in the machine. After the new machine is in place, the refrigerant line from the home should be the first thing to be installed in the new unit.

The wires that run from the home to the old machine should be removed, and in some cases may need to be replaced due to the wear and tear on them. When replacing, clear silicon can be used to ensure the wires are weather-tight to the wall. Any gaps left allow moisture to get in between the wall and the wire, which will expand in the winter, pushing the whole wire further from the wall.

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