When To Call Your Plumber From Clogged Drains To Septic Tanks

When you have a septic system, it works much differently from a city sewer system. Sewer systems cost more to use, but when they have problems it’s up to the city to fix them. When you have a backyard septic tank, all of the repairs are up to you to take care of. A local septic cleaning company may need to come out every few years and take care of the clearing of the tank if it’s needed.

Are there different types of septic systems? Yes, there are several different types, and there are even above-ground systems that are used in some areas. The basic septic system layout remains pretty much the same across many types of septic systems, however, and it’s always important to take care of them in the same way. Make sure that nothing solid gets into the system so that it won’t get clogged up.

There is bacteria in septic tank that breaks down what is in there. However, it can’t break down solid items. When you take good care of a septic system, and the system is a good-quality one, you may not have to have it cleaned out in decades. This makes them very inexpensive to use.

Using a septic tank takes a little more care than it does to use a sewer system. Septic tanks are large and hold a lot of material, but they are not infinite. If you aren’t sure that you should use one, find out all about septic systems before making the decision. You may find that you would dislike having a below ground septic tank, or it may be easy enough for you that you wouldn’t think twice about it. The main question is often what you like to flush. If you are a big fan of flushable wipes, for instance, you should not use them with a septic tank system.

If a septic tank gets full of solid material, it will back up the system and you will be unable to flush the toilets until you have your septic tank pumped out. You may wonder- can you pump your septic tank yourself? In general, no. It takes a lot of specialized equipment, including a large digger to get to the septic tank and to get the material out of it safely. You can also have the pros come out and convert cesspool to septic tank for easier use of the system.

Blocked toilet oxford al

When it comes to the condition of your plumbing, having a clogged drain is certainly not an uncommon occurrence. As far as plumbing repairs go, fixing a clogged drain is not the most complicated of procedures. However, plumbing services can repair problems large and small, from fixing a clogged drain to correcting household water leaks.

Though the initial cost of hiring a plumbing service to conduct plumbing repairs can turn a lot of people away from it up front, hiring a plumbing company can help to save you money down the line, especially when it comes to water leaks in your home. Even a small water leak can be damaging in a number of ways to your home as well as your wallet. Water is an important commodity for every modern home. In fact, most households use up to 70 gallons of water per person every single day and toilet use makes up 30% of this water use. But when there is a water leak in your home, you end up wasting large amounts of water every day. Surveys have shown that up to 10% of homes have a leak that is wasting up to 90 gallons of water every single day. Hiring a plumbing service to fix a water leak can save a household up to 10% on their water bill every month.

Aside from a clogged drain or water leak, garbage disposals are often also in need of maintenance and repair. If a garbage disposal is used correctly and responsibly, it can be serviceable and reliable for up to ten whole years. However, grease, fat, and oil buildups can be detrimental to the function of your garbage disposal and, in severe cases, can even lead to sewer overflows.

Septic tank maintenance and repair are also an important part of the overall well being of your plumbing. A septic system should be inspected by a plumbing service at least every three years in order to assure that it is functional and nothing requires maintenance. Part of regular maintenance of septic tanks is pumping them at least once every five years, though some require it as often as every three years. A number of factors determine how often a septic tank should be pumped, from family size to the volume of solids in wastewater, but a professional plumber can help assess how regularly your septic tank needs to be serviced.

From a clogged drain to septic tank maintenance, a plumbing company can help to determine what services you require, as well as getting your plumbing back to functioning as well as it should be.

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