When Should You Schedule Mulch Deliveries?

You know when it rains super hard, and all that soil from your garden washes away? Thankfully, mulch can save the day. It forms a protective layer over your soil, keeping it snug. And there’s another perk – moisture conservation. Plants can get thirsty, especially during those scorching summer days.

Mulch to the rescue again. It traps soil moisture, so your plants stay hydrated and happy even when the sun is blazing.

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There are two types: wood-based and rubber-based. Wood-based mulch, like bark and shredded hardwood, gives your soil a tasty treat. This variant breaks down over time, adding all sorts of yummy nutrients plants love. But replace it every few seasons to keep your garden looking fresh.

Then there’s rubber mulch – the tough guy of the mulch world. This stuff lasts forever, and it’s perfect for places like playgrounds and walking trails. These spaces require something sturdy to stand up to all that foot traffic. If wood and rubber aren’t your style, no worries. There are other options too, like pine straw and decorative stones. They give your garden a different vibe while keeping it protected and looking great.

Mulch is the secret sauce your garden craves. It’s easy and effective. And it makes your green space the envy of the neighborhood. So, give your garden the mulch it deserves. Here’s a pro tip. Avoid spreading mulch in the dead of winter when everything’s frozen solid. And you don’t want to wait until summer either for mulch deliveries.


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