What To Know About Getting Your Roof Cleaned

Cleaning your roof is a tedious and daunting task that nobody wants to do at home; that’s why hiring a professional to do the cleaning for you is the solution. However, how much do local roof cleaners charge you?

How much does it cost for your roof to get cleaned? The total cost will be highly dependent on factors such as the overall condition of your roof, the area of your roof, location, and the local roof cleaners company. Different companies charge you differently, and some companies have minimum charges to get their services.

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However, some companies may be able to assess the cost by looking at your home through physical inspection or through google earth.

On average, a local roof cleaners company will charge you around $10 to $15 per square meter. So depending on who you decide to choose, your roof will cost you about $300 at a minimum and can go up to $1500 depending on the size of your roof.

Also, you take into account the condition of your roof. Some local roof cleaners will not clean your roof if it is in a very unstable setting as it can pose a hazard to them. However, some companies offer cleaning and repairs.

Roof cleaners may also want to assess how to get on top of your home; if it’s pretty challenging to enter and requires a ladder, they may charge you additionally for that.


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