What Gutter Problems Do Homeowners Most Commonly Run Into?

For homeowners and contractors like gutter companies alike, it is a good idea to understand what types of common gutter problems homeowners encounter. As the attached video highlights, there are several areas where homeowners may likely experience problems with their gutter systems. Some of those problems can be the result of gutter companies missing a step or an oversight (e.g. missing downspout), or the result of natural causes like storms, wind, and ice, and knowing what to look for and what to check can save time, money, and future problems.

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From missing downspouts to uncapped gutters, professional gutter companies can help homeowners determine if their gutter system is adequate or where it could be improved or needs repairs. Common issues like loose gutters or overflow areas are also common issues caused by many types of inclement weather. Fortunately, these are also common gutter issues that most gutter companies can help resolve.

When it comes to the gutter system for our homes and businesses, most gutter issues can be seen with a visual inspection of the system. The chances are good that if it doesn’t look right, then it isn’t, but with professional gutter services, your home and gutter system can be back up and running just the way it should.

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