What Do General Contractors Do?

Are you curious about the duties of a general contractor? These professionals oversee all aspects of a construction project, including budgeting, time management, risk management, etc. The YouTube video delves into the duties of a general contractor.

The Daily Duties of a General Contractor

General contractors oversee the duties of a construction project from start to finish. It includes ensuring the project stays on track and within budget, managing schedules, and coordinating various tasks.

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In addition to managing the main functions of a construction project, these professionals also hire and coordinate subcontractors.

They create project budgets and manage these budgets throughout the life of the project, ensuring they don’t exceed the budget. A general contractor estimates costs, sources the materials, and monitors the expenses. In addition, they’re responsible for obtaining permits and ensuring the project complies with building codes and regulations.

These professionals are the central point of communication between suppliers, clients, subcontractors, and workers. They conduct inspections, ensuring the work meets quality standards while identifying and managing potential risks. Furthermore, a general contractor is a problem-solver. They’re often met with various challenges during a project and must effectively find solutions to ensure they complete their project on time.

A general contractor carries a lot of responsibility. They’re in charge of construction projects from inception to completion and manage various tasks and people. General contractors play a multi-faceted role.


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