Well-Maintained Air Conditioners Offer Relief for Allergy Sufferers

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Did you know that, according to the Energy Information Association (EIA), 85% of Southern U.S. homes use central air conditioning, and 100 million households, all across the nation, own central air systems? Americans depend on air conditioning to keep cool and stay comfortable. Air conditioning, however, can also provide unexpected benefits. What is the history of air conditioning, and how does residential air conditioning enrich people’s lives?

What is the History of Air Conditioning?

A U.S. publishing house employee, Willis Carrier, created the first air conditioner in 1902. At the time, Carrier designed an air conditioning unit to control temperatures at his publishing company, help ink dry faster, and prevent paper from expanding and contracting.

A number of different air conditioners popped up on the market over the years. A simpler model, dubbed a swamp cooler, uses water, instead of chemicals, to keep temperatures cool. These models do not cool air as effectively, and are, for the most part, used only in dry regions. Swap coolers, and water-based units, are much older than Carrier’s early chemical-based air conditioner, and may have been used as early as the 19th Century.

What Do Households Benefit From Today’s Air Conditioning?

In the midst of the Great Depression, Americans paid movie ticket fares to enjoy theaters’ air conditioning. Comfort remains just as important today. Modern units can require air conditioning services, or air condition repair. Air conditioning repair companies, including central air conditioning repair and maintenance services, can help units function at their best. Cleaning coils, and other regular maintenance, keeps units allergen and dust-free, and helps units run as efficiently as possible. HVAC companies recommend having units inspected at least twice per year. What benefits can well-maintained units offer?

Well-maintained units filter air, trapping dust and allergens, making the air cleaner and easier to breathe. Central air conditioning units, then, are especially helpful for asthmatics and hay fever sufferers.

Air conditioning and air condition repair have come a long way. Schedule central air units for regular cleaning and maintenance to enjoy cool temperatures, and cleaner, healthier air. Learn more: www.chandlerair.com

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