We Need To Rethink Charity

Nas from NasDaily’s YouTube channel is raising a significant point about our attitudes towards charitable giving. In his latest video, he urges us to rethink the way we support poor people. His main message points out that giving to the poor has become a publicity stunt. Every prominent person donates part of their earnings to charity and often publicizes this gesture on social media for everyone to see and admire their generosity.

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However, they do not stop to think deeper as to what they are doing. Anyone can donate clothing and food and give it out for free to the underprivileged. Still, this support is paving the way to more poverty rather than help.

In the video, he asks: “Why should the poor learn to fish when they can get the fish for free from the tourists?” That salient point may be the reason that prevents the eradication of the world’s poverty. Although billions of dollars are spent supporting poor people worldwide, poverty levels are rising and not falling.

Every time that free food, clothing, or other material possessions are thrust into the outstretched hands of the poor, they are only helped for a few minutes. These gestures, although made with good intentions, also propagate the culture of dependency. Therefore, Nas asks us to reflect on finding better, long -term solutions to the problem.

To further validate his point of view, he shows President Clinton’s speech addressing the economic support to developing countries. He also urges us to think of a better way to help those countries by empowering them to help themselves. Emerging countries are poor because they often do not have the infrastructure and political stability needed for economic growth. On top of that, their fledgling economies are often flattened by famines that wipe out their meager resources. Many talented individuals live in developing countries, yet they are not given the same employment opportunities as their developed-world counterparts.

Nas was born in a village and led the average, common life until he decided to start a YouTube channel, NasDaily, where he posts videos about topics that force people to think about social ills and injustice present in our world today. His messages may not always be politically correct. Still, he gets through to our deeper emotions and ethical values to reflect on how we go about our life. In his own words: “Nothing is impossible if you have a good moral compass.”


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