Waterproofing Your Roof With Tin Roof Sealant

You have to admit, there are times when kids get it exactly right. For example, think about those drawings of a house that all kids make: basic sloping roof, door, two windows. They may add in a tree nearby, stick figures to show the family, and mountains in the background. But there’s always the roof, because kids know almost instinctively that’s one of the most important parts of a house. Sometimes homeowners tend to forget this, and to neglect roof repairs and waterproofing. If you have a tin roof, you can do this for yourself. All you need are a ladder, power washer, tin roof sealant and a paint brush and roller.

Why waterproofing your roof matters
The roof coating of your house is what protects everything from damage, extremes of hot and cold weather, strong winds, and much else. However, roofs rarely get the care they deserve. Rain and melting snow and ice can cause water damage not only to the roof but also the walls and foundations. It is estimated that just one inch of rain can deliver more than 600 gallons of water to the average roof. Just an eighth of an inch of rain can fill a 54 gallon rain barrel.
That’s a lot of water for any surface to handle, and your roof sure can use some help. Roofs should be inspected every year or even every six months. With proper care and maintenance, your roof should last twenty years or more. But that means you need to make sure that the waterproofing for your roof is in good condition.

Using tin roof sealant to protect your roof
Tin roofs are attractive to homeowners for a number of reasons. Many people like the way they look. The sound of rain on a tin roof creates a cozy feeling. With the right waterproof sealant paint, a tin roof can reduce the temperatures inside the structure, keeping the house cooler in the summer. However, tin roofs must be protected from the elements to function properly.

Unsealed tin roofs can rust and will need to be replaced before their projected lifespan is over. For homeowners who are also handy do-it-yourselfers, using waterproof products like tin roof sealant can be an easy project. It’s a good idea to do this project in the summer, and to pick a dry period when it won’t rain for a few days. You’ll need to put on a few coats of commercial waterproofing products and make sure each layer dries properly.

How to waterproof your tin roof
You will need some basic supplies, including a ladder, power washer, brushes for scrubbing dirt from the roof, caulking, tin roof sealant, and paint brushes and rollers. Begin by power washing the roof to remove accumulated dirt and debris. You can use a wire brush to get rid of stubborn spots. Next, use the caulking to seal the nail holes as well as any visible holes and cracks in the roof. This will take two or three hours to dry.

Now, your roof is ready for the the first coat of sealant. First use a paint brush to put a layer of tin roof sealant in the corners and edges. Then you can use a roller brush to spread the sealant with broad strokes. Allow the first coat to dry for 24 hours, and then apply a second coating. For extreme climates, you may need three or even four coats of tin roof sealant. And finally, you’re done, and your roof is good for many, many more years to come.

The roof is one of the most essential elements of your house, because it protects the entire structure as well as those who live in it. A properly maintained roof can last for two decades or more. Tin roofs may need to be waterproofed and sealed at some point in their lives. For handy homeowners, this can be a do-it-yourself project.

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