Top Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

Top Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

Ever thought of motorizing your window treatments? What exactly are the reasons for motorizing your shades? Most people do not think about how easy getting their blinds motorized and the benefits for them in their every day lives. Adequately opening and closing blinds in a home can have a great impact on the homes heating and cooling. Automated window blinds make the opening and closing process a breeze, and will allow residents to do so at the press of a button. With the global market for blinds hitting over 16 billion by 2022, it only makes sense to apply motorization to the window treatments in order to open and close them with ease. Convenience is the number one reason that homeowners switched to motorized blinds, according to Angie’s List. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, blinds provide heating and cooling insulation. In fact, blinds alone account for 10% of heat retention during cooler months. While typical blinds are meant to last around 20 years, applying a motor to them can increase their productivity and value. Blinds even account for almost one-third of a home’s total thermal loss, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Who Needs Motorized Window Treatments?

Who, you may ask, needs motorized window treatments? Just about every person that craves convenience and an easier day would benefit from having automated window blinds. Elderly people who may not be able to physically open and close the blinds themselves can have an easy way to get in some sunlight during the day and darkness at night. Those who are disabled and have limited range are able to control the amount of light they receive and heat that leaves their home. Also, those who are interested in saving money in the long run should check out motorized window treatments. Roller shades on a single pane window can save up to $180 annually, according to the Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC).

Quality You Can Trust With Hunter Douglas
Interested in installing motorized window treatments, but not sure where to start? Contact your local Hunter Douglas provider today to receive information about their products. They believe in providing quality service and higher quality products. With Hunter Douglas, your motorized shades will be a treasure for the duration of your home.

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