Top Ac Repair Fixes

A common problem homeowners will have to face is problems with the AC. Understanding AC repair can be a useful skill to not only fix the problem but to avoid hiring expensive contractors.

The first and most common problem is a bad capacitor. This can be spotted if you hear a buzz as if the machine is trying to start but it does not end up starting.

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Old models will have multiple capacitors, so they all may need to be replaced.

The second most common reason is a lack of refrigerant. Unfortunately, this issue needs to be tackled by a professional, but before calling attempt to wash down the condenser unit and replace the furnace filter.

Another common issue is a plugged condensate drain. This can be diagnosed by checking your basement. If large puddles of water are being formed, this is the cause. This can be addressed by turning off the AC, and then checking the pipes for any plugs or clogs.

Finally, if the AC won’t turn on at all, the motor may be shot. When replacing the motor, it is important to make sure you have the correct tools for your specific unit and the power it off.

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