Top 10 AC Problems

In this video, a member of Trane AC Maintenance Services talks about some of the most common AC problems that he had to solve during the summer months.

One of the top problems was a bad thermostat. Bad thermostats cause AC units to fail to cool the home or office properly, which leaves many people in a highly uncomfortable state.

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Bad capacitors were another common problem that occurred frequently. Out of over 250 work orders, more than 50 were related to the capacitors. They do go bad over time in some cases. However, the unit owner can minimize the possibility and extend the unit’s life by cleaning it.

The lack of freon or refrigerant was another common problem that arose in many AC units. The technician explains that AC units are permanently sealed units, and the freon is supposed to stay in there for the duration of its life. Therefore, missing freon indicates that the AC unit has a leak somewhere in the system. The leaks can occur in the lines, the outside unit, or the coil on top of the furnace. Such leaks are commonly found on the A-coil that is on top of the furnace. The video discusses many other areas of concern as well.

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