Tips for Mold Remediation

Floods due to weather events or home leaks can be devastating for a homeowner. The property destruction that occurs is stressful enough, but the other aftereffects of a flood can be dangerous. Clearing a flood from a house entails mold clean-up, so we’re going to provide you with some helpful info on mold remediation that comes with flood clean-up. number one thing to do is to turn off all electrical and gas appliances in the house.

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You’ll need to wear protective clothing and gear when cleaning up mold. Any exposure to mold is dangerous, requiring adequate coverage to your mouth, eyes, and body in general. Cleaning up a flood also means exposure to sewage, so it’ll help to protect yourself from exposure to bacteria too.

It’s important to verify that the space is well-ventilated at the end of your flood clean-up. A dehumidifier will help lower moisture that supports mold growth. You can also dry the house out by opening the windows (in clear weather, of course), and using mold control products. Once the house is dried and you’ve cleared out the wet items, you will not have additional mold growth.

For more essential information and steps to follow on mold remediation, watch the video we linked above.


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