Tips for Insulating Pipes

When you’re insulating pipes, you allow hot water pipes to keep warm and the insulation will make sure that the pipes do not freeze in extreme cold temperatures. This video demonstrates how you can insulate pipes and avoid having cold air freeze water and ultimately burst pipes, which can destroy the contents of the home.

The benefits talked about in the video include heat loss, energy saving, mold growth and the noise of pipes.

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Safety precautions are given so you do not harm yourself when installing insulation. Popular pipe insulations are fiberglass pipe wrap and tubular pipe sticks. The video explains the safety precautions when using fiberglass pipe wrap insulation and the great advantages of it.

How to install it is also narrated and demonstrated. The tubular pipe insulation is great for copper and iron pipes and is also easily demonstrated on how to add them to your pipes. Characteristics of the pipe sticks’ materials, polyethylene foam and rubber foam are given in the video as well. Tips on how to measure pipe sticks when shopping for them are noted too. How to maintain pipes is talked about, so you get to enjoy them for longer.

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