Tips for Installing a Storm Door

Follow these quick and easy steps on installing your storm door at home.

Tools you are going to need in storm door installation:
• Level
• Drill drivers with a drill bit and one with a Philipps screwdriver
• Flathead screwdriver
• Tape measure
• Hacksaw
• Pair of pliers

Step 1: the first step in storm door installation is to drive a screw in the top hole of the hinge. Remove the hinge rail afterwards.

Step 2: assemble the door. To do so, get the hinge rail, get the screwdriver, drive down the rail to the door, install the door sweep, get on the extender cap, and slide it on.

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Step 3: get your newly-assembled door and place it onto the placeholder screws. Tighten the screws using the screw driver.

Step 4: Using the drill bit, drive the screws on the hinge rails to tighten them further. In the door sill, slide the rail cap and fasten the back portion of the hinge rail onto the trim.

Step 5: The next step is installing your drip cap and latch rail. Straighten your drip cap along the edge of the hinge rail and screw it tightly. In the drip cap, install your latch rail tightly with screws.

Step 6: Get your drill bit and drill holes for the latch.

Step 7: Insert the lock body and fasten it with screws into the mortise.

Step 8: Mount the handles, make room for the latch and deadbolt and install closers.


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