The Trend Of Outdoor Kitchens

Someone with lots of unused outdoor space might think about installing a new kitchen. A round outdoor kitchen might be especially perfect for many homes. You can buy custom outdoor kitchen supplies as well. Many kitchen accessories will work equally well in indoor and outdoor kitchens. That said, you might want supplies that are slightly more weather-resistant if you’re going to be using them outside frequently. You might start by getting tongs for your natural stone BBQ area.

People might assume that an outdoor kitchen will have to be small. An 8 foot outdoor kitchen will actually seem larger than you might guess. It’s also possible to put together an outdoor kitchen that’s either larger or smaller than that. As long as it has enough space for the equipment that you need, your kitchen’s layout should be fine. You’ll have more room for an outdoor kitchen screened porch if you make the kitchen at least somewhat compact, however.

There’s no reason to limit yourself too much if you are designing a nice outdoor kitchen. You’ll find lots of ways to make that kitchen look unique at your house. It’s a kitchen that you can use whenever the weather is nice enough.

An outdoor kitchen can make a home seem completely different. It’s been common for people to have outdoor gas grills for a while. However, a full backyard kitchen grill will give people the chance to prepare plenty of very different meals outside. Today’s backyard outdoor kitchen plans will make it easier for people to have dinner parties and other celebrations outdoors all the time.

A nice backyard kitchen island can make an outdoor kitchen seem more like an indoor one, at least in terms of its design. The backyard patio grill island might be one of the most important parts of any outdoor kitchen. People may do most of their outdoor cooking there. Some backyard kitchens are almost completely open, which means that people will have to add covers to the islands and equipment at different points. These features are often relatively weather resistant, however, just like lots of patio furniture.
However, other people will want roofs over their outdoor kitchens. Those kitchens still won’t have walls, so they won’t just feel like additional rooms. However, the roof will provide some shade and some additional protection for the food preparation equipment and furniture. It’s a balance that some outdoor kitchen owners will appreciate.

Outdoor kitchens have become a spike in many contractors and homeowners. This is because of the idea to have a lavish swimming pool and a kitchen both outside. This is highly recommended as many people tend to host parties during the summer.

Outdoor gas grills.

They are preferred because they offer one with a good grill plate pan. They are easy to use, simple, and easy to control. They are also very accommodating and can be used by the whole family. They are of different makes that include; Weber spirit II E-210 and Weber spirit II-310.

Backyard kitchen grill.

Having a backyard grill adds comfort to the home during the summer period. The backyard grill needs one to have enough expertise before setting up one. One can decide to have a movable, custom, or a prefab one.

Backyard patio grill island.

Having a patio grill island in the backyard is advised as grilling takes place outside. The grill should be free away from overhanging branches. The cost of installation is $5000-$12000. This cost varies with the owner’s preferences. Grills are placed on flat surfaces away from any flames.

Built in cooler for outdoor kitchen

Building a cooler in an outdoor kitchen is essential as it prevents so many things from happening. One only requires a lidded box, packaging materials that are recycled, and a foil. Outdoor coolers save on the expenses and electricity cost.

Built in outdoor kitchen ideas

The cost of building an outdoor kitchen varies depending on the materials and the appliances used. Many outdoor ideas include;
a) Grain silo kitchen.
b) Backyard party pavilion.
c) Stone backyard kitchen.
d) Patio outdoor kitchen.
e) Rustic kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are a relatively new type of design that constructors and consumers have noticed a spike in popularity in. The aesthetic of outdoor kitchens creates an idyllic scenery that’s typically offset by a pool that most homeowners consider an ideal addition to their home. Outdoor kitchens and patios are primarily built in conjunction with pool renovations because contractors have instructions from homeowners to create an outdoor entertainment area. Swimming is a favorite hobby in the U.S; it’s ranked as the 4th most popular sport and activity for children and teenagers aged 7-17. Outdoor pool parties are trendy during the summer months and attract many friends and family members to cool off with a dip and enjoy some food. Outdoor kitchens are quickly becoming a common renovation for its sheer entertainment purposes.

Constructing The Idea Around Outdoor Kitchens

The popularity of outdoor kitchens comes from consumers perceiving the concept of kitchens and its associated purposes. Most homeowners believe the use of indoor kitchens focuses more on functionality than outdoor kitchens, which are designed with the intent of creating an experience for guests. The aesthetic of outdoor kitchen designs is predominantly built with appearances in mind— the home and its surrounding environment are what most contractors focus on when creating an outdoor kitchen plan to emphasize the finished product. On average, homeowners aim for their outdoor kitchen ideas to materialize into an extra room because they want an additional space to be used as more than just a place for cooking, in a 2014 trend’s study conducted by Houzz Spring Landscaping, 83% considered their backyard as “an ideal entertaining space.” Homeowners typically have an emotional connection to their outdoor kitchen, because it’s designed to be a fun and unique space with handpicked features that accentuate the area.

Why Outdoor Kitchens Are A Worthy Investment

Outdoor kitchens are shown to bring a hefty investment to both newer and older homes, because of its aesthetic and functionality. Nearly 14% of consumers have added an outdoor kitchen to their backyards, and most seen an average ROI (Return on Investment) of 100-200% than homes without an outdoor kitchen. Building an outdoor kitchen allows a home to increase in value, because the addition is considered desirable in a normally unstable real estate market, and significantly improves the resale value of the home. The increase of size in a home’s square footage is desirable as well, making it more likely to sell faster on the market because of the additional amenities that possibly comes with a large house. Particularly, expansion of an outdoor kitchen is so popular because it’s a general increase in kitchen size and an entertainment area all-in-one. For those who love to throw lavish parties or simply have small get-togethers, an outdoor kitchen is one of the best additions a home could have.

Why Outdoor Kitchens Are Popular

Outdoor kitchens have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the most desirable additions a home could have, but you might ask yourself—why? The reasons simply lie behind the aesthetic of outdoor kitchen space; most homeowners say they tend to fall in love with the aspects surrounding an outdoor area and want more expandable space that’s expandable in the future. Homeowners are looking for additions that’ll maximize the amount their investment without the continuous cost that draws interest away from adding spaces. But many homeowners simply want a beautiful home with a developed outdoor space to enjoy, in fact outdoor expertise is considered to imperative when choosing a potential contractor, because unlike an indoor kitchen an outdoor kitchen is an automatic attraction piece to a home—bringing activity outdoors is considered to be a highly desirable experience to both homeowners and their guests. In a Houzz study, nearly 56% of homeowners like the idea of updating their yard to make it more welcoming. Typically, an outdoor kitchen are additive for homes with pools to create a relaxing environment—outdoor kitchens and patios are often designed around the look of the pool. Some homeowners may have a custom pool while others have an infinity pool that requires a different design aspect for it to work properly The concept of outdoor kitchens allows homeowners to live in the space of their dreams while maintaining realistic functionality in the comfort on their own home.

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