The Rising Popularity Of An Outdoor Kitchen Design

Across the country, homeowners of all ages and backgrounds want to renovate their home. Not only this is wildly popular but it is actually smart for any homeowners that are interested. After all, it is going to provide them with more profits when they decide to sell and it also helps them upgrade their home as well. So there is nothing wrong with investing in that outdoor kitchen design that you have always wanted.

The right outdoor kitchen design is going to impress your friends and family. Also, it is going to be something that homeowners will want to use whenever the weather is nice. So it is important to take time to reach out to landscaping experts for outdoor kitchen plans, outdoor kitchen ideas, and more!

Outdoor Kitchen Design Is Wildly Popular

Homeowners will be wise to get help from experts in renovations. After all, an outdoor kitchen design is going to need certain types of spatial requirements. Experts recommend nearly 3 or 4 feet of clear space to prepare food on top of having 16-inches of space on any side of an appliance like a sider-burner or a grill. That way, homeowners can respect all potential safety hazards while enjoying their outdoor kitchen ideas and more.

A recent survey amongst landscape architects asked them about the popularity of a variety of residential outdoor design elements in the year of 2014. These architects specialize in residential design and thus, they know more about outdoor kitchen design information than anyone else. They stated that the second most popular type of design elements were outdoor living spaces. These spaces are strictly defined as entertainment areas and kitchens.

Houzz is a company that collects and gathers data from homeowners across the country in regards to all kinds of residential information. They have revealed that one of the top three amenities added to outdoor spaces are both barbecues and grills. Furthermore, they also revealed that nearly 14% of all customers want to add outdoor kitchens to their patio area. So again, now may be the best time to invest in that outdoor kitchen design you have always wanted.

The best part of adding an outdoor kitchen involves the average return on investments. The average ROI for an outdoor kitchen design rests between 100% and 200%. Therefore, homeowners can take their home’s value to another level by just investing some money in an outdoor kitchen area!

Outdoor Kitchen Design Can Include A Pool

In a 2014 Houzz study, 56 percent of respondents were updating their yards to make them more friendly for entertaining. This means that people want their neighbors, family, and friends to come and spend time at their home for fun. So they are going to not only invest in an outdoor kitchen design but they may also put some money into the pool!

In the very same 2014 Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends Study, homeowners were asked if their backyard is a space for entertaining or not. Over 80% of all respondents stated that they believe their backyards are a great space for entertainment and fun. Well, the pool is not just fun it is really popular. Across the country, swimming is reported to be the 4th most popular sport or activity for people of all ages.

Almost 40% of all inground pools feature some type of diving board. After all, people really love to enjoy themselves at a pool for long hours at a time and kids love diving boards. As a result, if homeowners invest in a nice, high-quality pool to accompany their outdoor kitchen design then they are going to have so much fun during the nice summer season!

In Conclusion

Each and every year, more and more homeowners decide to renovate their homes. Some homeowners decide to renovate their home because they want to get more money in the home market. However, other people decide to renovate their home because they want to enjoy living there for the rest of their lives and want new amenities!

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