Steel Windows and Doors Provide Energy Savings to Homeowners Year Round

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The drills were always so annoying in college. Because the fire alarms were always going off in the middle of the night they were always exhausting as well. Hundreds of students shuffling out into the cold, the rain, or whatever weather greets them, learn the drill quickly. The sooner they can get themselves all out of the dormitories, the sooner they can all be allowed to go back in and get back to bed, often with just a few hours left to sleep before that early morning test.
As annoying as those fire drills were in college, they were also a reminder of what to do in case of a fire in your own home later in life. No part of a fire alarm is annoying when it means that you, your wife, and your children are awakened and prompted to get out of the house, away from the fire, and onto the safety of the street as quickly as possible. Instead of any annoyance, the fire alarm at your own home brings reassurance. It brings comfort to know that the alarm will do its best to keep you and your family safe.
Other features of a home can make a home safe as well. Fire rated windows residential are a feature that provide safety as well as home security and comfort.
Fire Rated Windows Keep Homes More Energy Efficient
Fire rated windows residential are an energy efficient home improvement that can save home owners valuable heating and cooling dollars. With thick double panes, both metal windows and doors can keep cool temperatures inside and hot temperatures outside during the summer months of June, July, and August. During the winter months, these same windows keep heat inside and cold weather outside. These temperature control measures mean that home owners have to spend less money on air conditioning and heating.
By replacing old, standard, single-paned windows with Energy Star certified windows, many households indicate that they save anywhere from $126 to $465 a year. This savings can help home owners recuperate the initial expense of the purchase and installation of the windows themselves.
Fire Rated Windows Residential Keep Homes Safe from Intruders
In addition to being energy efficient, thermal windows that are equipped with locks can also protect a family from intruders. Many thieves are looking for an easy way into a home. If, however, they are confronted with metal frame residential windows and doors, they often will move on to a home with easier access.
Old, wooden windows, for instance, often provide intruders with easy access to a home and its contents. Spending the money and taking the time to replace these old windows is an investment that protects a family, but it can also help safe money on insurance rates. When insurance adjusters visit a home they are able to give better rates to homes with the latest safety upgrades, including windows that lock and are fireproof.
What Would You Do to Keep Your Home Safe from Fire?
The main purpose of fire rated windows residential, of course, is to keep families safe in the even of ta fire. In the year 2013 more than 1,124,000 home fires occurred in America. The safety of these families is often determined by the precautions they take when their homes are built and when the choices are made about safety features. Are you doing enough to keep your family safe?

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