Spruce Up Your Home with a Ceramic Tile Refinishing Project

Replacing a bathtub

If you have a bathtub does it need to be replaced? Most tubs have a life span of about ten years. Maybe you want a whole new look for your bathroom. Ceramic tile refinishing or installation can breath new life into your bathroom. You can expect your tub to last that long is it glazed correctly.

The process of redoing your bathroom is not a simple one. Ceramic tile refinishing and ceramic tile installation can take time but harsh cleaning agents do damage all of your bathroom surfaces. Over time they wear down the surfaces causing them to scratched, shipped, stained, discolored or damaged. Some damage can be repaired, for serious wear and tear you need to do a bathroom tile installation and just start from scratch with new stuff. If you have a contractor look at your tub, they can tell you if you need to refurbish or replace it. Some damaged tubs can be refinished to look at like new or nearly new. Sometimes the cost of replacing a bathtub is less than getting a new one. You will find your newly refurnished tub is easier to clean after the job is complete.

Once your bathtub has been redone, you might want to look into a ceramic tile refinishing or installation. If you are designing your own home, consider adding ceramic tile to a few rooms in your house. The bathroom is a great place to have your ceramic tile placed. Some people let their tile be the center, focal point in the bathroom. You can have decorative ceramic tile or basic colors.

Ceramic tile can also be added to other parts of your home. Adding tile to your kitchen is another way to use this versatile product. Ceramic tile seems almost ideally suited for the kitchen where you use a lot of water.

If you are considering a ceramic tile refinishing project, here are some ideas for what to do with your new tile.

  1. Use color for dramatic effect. Dark or vibrant colors can make for a dramatic look. Solid walls or floors with one striking color will leave an impression. You can also brighten a room with a light color tile for the wall, floor and counter tops. Do the whole room or just the wall or floor.
  2. Make a mosaic or mural. Your tiles can work together to create a piece of art in your bathroom or kitchen. You can design something or have a contractor do the designing for you. If you are not sure what to look for, talk to a few experts in tile installation. They can give you an estimate, too.
  3. Use different shapes. Not all tiles are squares. You can get tiles in many shapes so if you think of it, add a fun shaped tile when you have your ceramic tile refinishing done. Think outside the box on this and you can come up with something creative and fun and that represents your style and personality.
  4. Be good to the environment. Did you know you can repurpose ceramic tile? If you have some in one room that just is not working for you there, you can move to to another spot and breathe a new life into it. That is one way to recycle and save some money.
  5. Consider a room wide pattern. Design your floor or wall ceramic tile with the entire room in mind. You can make your patters large enough to fit the entire room. Say you want stripes of color. This can create a striking visual effect and be the centerpiece of your room. Many rooms can go from drab to fab with the addition of ceramic tile.

Tile is a very versatile material. It comes in a host of styles, shapes and sizes. When you do your tile refinishing project, look around and you will find you have a lot of options. These are only a few of the innovative ways people use ceramic tile to brighten up their home. You might be surprised by how much you can do to revive a bathroom or kitchen with an innovative and creative ceramic tile installation.

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