Spring Cleaning Your Outdoor Living Spaces

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This month is the most popular home renovating month. The weather is beginning to get warmer, but it is not quite warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. People prepare for the spring and the summer months by making improvements to their own homes. One of the most popular types of home improvements is that to the outdoor living spaces. People are prepared to utilize these areas for the next few months, and they want to ensure they are updated and ready for a lot of use. There are a variety of ways that someone can prepare their outdoor living spaces for summer usage.

Decks are popular summer entertaining areas. They are great for BBQing and for decorating with furniture for guests. However, an estimated 40 million decks in the United States are over 20 years old. Most decks are made out of wood. The wood, after many years becomes rusted or faded. The nails used in the deck pieces may also become rusted and no longer serve their purpose. It is essential that the deck be checked for any loose boards or rotted out nails prior to usage at least once a year. Some decks are even enclosed in on screened porches. Even though these spaces are primarily sheltered from the weather and the temperature changes, they still also need to be checked and then updated on a yearly basis.

Fences can become worn down and can also need work. Commercial fences and residential fences both may need to be checked for any lose fencing materials. The latches and the posts may also need to be checked to ensure that they are both properly working.

A commercial fence or a residential fence may also fade, being in the direct sunlight. Depending on the fence style and the fence type, pressure treated fence posts can cost an average of $10 a piece in the United States. Additionally, a classy looking aluminum fence will improve the curb appeal of the home while also offering a return of investment around 65%. Fences provide safety, privacy and a great source of curb appeal.

Screened porches also need to be checked in addition to the deck that they may be on. The screening may be prone to tears and should be checked and then mended immediately. Screened porches provide a great outdoor living space that is also safe and private. They allow people to enjoy the outdoor weather, without actually have to be entirely outdoors.

There are many renovations and updates that people can focus on when doing their spring cleaning. Spaces are used in the spring and the summer months that are not used in the winter months. Prior to usage, these spaces should be completely checked and then updated, ensuring their safety and their functionality. Decks should be checked for any loose boards or for any rusting. Fences should be checked to ensure they are standing well. Screened porches should be checked for any tears or rips in the screening, ensuring that they are functional as well. With the appropriate preventative maintenance, homeowners can prevent costly repairs on all of these outdoor living areas.

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