Should You Keep Your Broken HVAC Unit or Replace It?

An air conditioning system’s individual components might be quite expensive to find and replace. If an air conditioner and ventilation system have one particularly important or costly worn or broken part, replacing that individual component might not be cost-effective enough. When several parts must be replaced, getting a complete and updated air conditioning and heating unit or system is ordinarily the best decision.

Air conditioner vendors may be able to offer their new customers excellent bargains on full new air conditioning units. They may or may not offer similar discounts to the people who just need replacement air conditioning components. The customers who want replacement air conditioning units are usually more common than the people who want to get new individual HVAC system parts, which will affect the price of the products.

The heating and air conditioning systems that have already had multiple issues involving several components will probably malfunction in new ways in the future, making it even less cost-effective to approach HVAC repairs that way. A professional air conditioning contractor can examine and inspect the AC ventilation system, looking for worn components. People who have had air conditioning and refrigeration classes may be able to quickly diagnose the AC system’s problem.

This week, the Taylor County Courthouse is coming under heat — and it?s not because of any current cases. For the next two weeks, the building will not have any air conditioning (or heat), but will still be open for normal hours.

?First thing I did this morning was call maintenance to prepare and ask if they had any extra fans,? noted Julie Campbell, a court reporter. Luckily, since temperatures are fairly mild this time of year (relatively: for Texas, this still means 80 degree weather, but it?s a much better option than the 100 degree weather they could have encountered in the summer), the rooms are fairly comfortable so long as the fans are on.

The court house decided to replace two cooling towers after their old models stopped working. Considering they made it through 17 years of use, the court seems to have gotten their money?s worth — but now must pay out $325,000 in order to replace them.

HVAC systems, whether it?s for a business or a home, eventually break down sooner or later and require either a repair or replacement. If you?re at that stage with your current HVAC, how do you decide between the two? There?s a few different factors you can keep in mind.

Should You Keep Your Broken Unit or Replace It?

If your HVAC is relatively new (bought in the past 10 years) then it makes sense to invest in home air conditioning repair. Your unit could last you up to another 10 years, and a technician can check for ways to improve its efficiency for you. Taking care of your unit going forward is important; regular maintenance and care can help forestall having to shell out a few thousand dollars for a shiny new HVAC. It?s worth noting that HVAC air filters, for example, should be changed once every three months.

If your HVAC unit is older than 10 years, however, home air conditioning repair might not be worth it — you may be paying $300 for a fix now, only to have to buy an entirely new system next year anyway. Another benefit to opting for a replacement unit is that HVAC systems today tend to be much more energy efficient than their counterparts 10 or 20 years ago. In many cases, you will an improvement in your energy bills fairly immediately after installation.

At any rate, try and replace or invest in home air conditioning repair now, rather than later: otherwise, you may end up sweltering this summer when your AC won’t turn on!

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