Reasons to Install a Vented Roof System

If you are a first-time home buyer or simply someone looking for answers to their current problems, knowing what type of ventilation system you have throughout your attic and roof is crucial. Proper attic ventilation can protect your roof itself, but also save you money on your monthly energy bill.

A proper ventilation system has both intake and exhaust vents that help circulate the air to prevent moisture build-up. If there is inadequate airflow, your shingles could deteriorate or be home to bacteria that can destroy the framing and shingles. Any moisture from daily activities, like showering or cooking, can trap moisture in the ceiling and roof which in turn may lead to mold or wood rot.

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You can avoid thousands in damages by being proactive and making sure you have a vented roof system.

Because heat gets trapped in the attic, any snow on the roof will melt from the escaped heat, dripping into the gutters and refreezing, causing costly damage. This escaping air also leads to less energy efficiency, causing your heat or air conditioning to work harder year-round. Before installing a new roof, check with a contractor that your attic has the proper ventilation systems.


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