Prevent the Need for Foundation Repair with Soil Analysis

The foundation is the most important part of commercial and residential construction. From residential to commercial, new to renovation, every building relies upon a strong foundation. For more than 50 years now construction has relied on slab foundations. Foundation failure is a possibility at any point for buildings, potentially leading to failure of the building as a whole.

Foundation Development

To prevent failure or foundation issues, it is important that it be poured properly in order to prevent the long-term need for foundation repair services. Pouring a foundation may include the need for different experts, including the essential soil analysis that can help determine the quality of the lot on which you are building. Without quality soil, there is a potential for faulty concrete setting and foundation failure.

Both residential and commercial foundations include many details that help with the strength of a building. Some of these specifications include the following:

  1. Any soaker should be at least a foot away from a house foundation.
  2. With about 60 soil types available, it is a challenging decision.
  3. Pier and beam foundations have joints that tend to be spaced up to 18 inches apart.
  4. Additionally, beams in these foundations may be up to 12 feet apart.

Soil Analysis to Prevent Foundation Repair Services

While a strong foundation can help prevent the eventual failure, there is a value to building on quality soil as well. Therefore, soil analysis is important before beginning construction. Sometimes this includes the addition of a geographical expert on staff, or sometimes building inspectors are able to help with this preparation. It is important to take these steps during the initial inspections and preparation. It is required before any purchase, but you should likely take a look on your own to help make sure that everything seems appropriate.

Additionally, it is important to know that the quality of your soil can change over time with weather and other issues. With soil analysis you have the ability to prevent the need for commercial foundation repairs and residential foundation repairs alike. This can come with inspections over time, especially if you continue to live in the same home for many years. The life cycle of a building may become affected as things like temperature, water levels, and more start to change over time. Foundation repair services may be a solution for many buildings, but at certain times it may be too late for a foundation repair company to do the job.

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