Planning For a Low Effort, Low Maintenance Summer Yard


Many home?s landscapes suffer from long and cold winters. The trees and shrubs die off. The flowers are replaced with long weeds. Retaining walls lack in structure and become less sturdy. The spring is a time for winter and fall cleanup and the preparation for the summer landscaping begins. If you are like the majority of homeowners and do not want to spend all of your time off doing landscaping chores, consider these low effort landscaping tips to get you through all of the warmer months, with minimal effort or work.

Perennial flowers
Annual flowers may be beautiful, but they require a lot of upkeep, year after year. If you do not plant them at the beginning of the season, they may not grow in time to fill your garden for the summer months. Instead, consider planting perennial flowers. They will return every year after planted, with little effort. You may have to remove weeds and water them regularly, but you will not have to plant seeds every year. Perennial flowers come in all types and colors, making it easy to find the perfect flowers for your yard.

Large bushes
Bushes can be a great garden or yard filler item. If you place them in areas that would otherwise have grass or flowers, they can be a great low effort alternative. The most maintenance that bushes even require are trimming, which can be completed in a couple of minutes with a pair of backyard shears. If you have a professional landscaping company that regularly mows your lawn, they may also trim your hedges free of charge.

Pebbles and rocks
A lot of homeowners are replacing entire flowerbeds with pebbles or rocks. They are much less upkeep than flowers and the rocks stop a lot of the weeds from growing through. Install a garden mat underneath your pebbles for a completely maintenance free garden. You can still decorate the exterior of your home by adding in colorful rocks or lawn ornaments. While 83% of Americans think having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it is important that it is also well maintained, set yourself up for something that you can easily maintain.

Inspect retaining walls annually
Retaining walls may be an important part of your landscape design for purposes more than appearance. Retaining walls are often used to hold foundations together or to keep land from eroding away, especially around water. Replacing an entire retaining wall can be expensive and very time consuming. You may even have to hire the services of a professional. Instead, inspect your retaining wall annually, looking for signs of erosion. You may be able to stop the eroding before it is too badly damaged, and has to be fully replaced.

Build a lot of trees
Trees may take many years to build, but once they are mature they can be a great maintenance free landscape. Trees also stop a lot of sunlight from making it into the yard, something that can quickly damage flowers and grass. When flowers and grass damages easily, you have to water frequently and replant often. Trees can reduce the maintenance level of your yard. They also provide shade for comfort and noise reduction for houses on busy roads. Also, shade from trees can reduce air conditioning costs by 25% or more during the summer, and the shielding they provide against wind can reduce heating cost by 10%.

Although many homeowners enjoy spending ample amounts of time outdoors during the warm summer months, most do not enjoy yards that require high amounts of maintenance. Work with local landscapers on creating a low effort and low upkeep yard. Consider planting trees to shade out sun damages. Use perennial flowers in lieu of annuals. Replace full gardens and grassy areas with rocks or pebbles. Decorate your yard instead with lawn ornaments. Planning for an outdoor entertaining space that requires minimal upkeep with Plano landscaping companies will allow you to enjoy more time outdoors relaxing and entertaining family and friends.

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