Patios, Gardens And Fireplaces How To Go About Choosing Your Next Great Backyard Renovation

Living with the same old, same old is out. Renovating your home and getting the most out of a new exterior design project or minor lawn improvement is in.

Home improvement takes on many forms, sometimes purely for aesthetic enjoyment and other times for bolstering a home’s ROI. When you want it all? You can’t go wrong with landscape architecture and exterior design. Customizing your surroundings is a prime way of dipping your finger into every pie, allowing you to live a fuller life while yielding some financial benefits that only get bigger down the road. Knowing where to start, however, can be another battle entirely…particularly when you’re still a little new to modern landscape architecture.

What are the latest trends among homeowners today?

Give Your Front Lawn A Touch-Up

What’s the first thing people notice when they view your home? If you said your front lawn, you’re right on the money. A lush, green lawn can transform even an average home and make it look cleaner, prettier and more wholesome. Likewise, a lawn with yellow spots can leave a poor impression. A recent survey conducted by the Harris Poll For The National Association Of Landscape Professionals saw nearly 70% of respondents stating a nicer yard was a major goal of theirs. If you don’t know where to start renovating first, a better lawn is a solid choice.

Add A New Stone Walkway

Perhaps your lawn looks pretty healthy. What other additions could you invest in to give your home a more romantic look? A stone walkway can wrap around your front yard to your backyard, with plenty of lovely colors, textures and patterns to choose from. Over 80% of today’s homeowners believe having a well-maintained yard is important and another survey found the majority of homeowners investing in exterior design choosing to address their backyard. If you want a little bit of everything, a stone walkway can add a touch of charm to an already lovely home.

Install A New Patio Or Deck

For those that love to entertain guests and enjoy the stars from the comfort of their backyard, a new patio or deck could be one of your favorite new additions. The Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association found patios to be among the top three features requested by new homebuyers over the past few years. These patios can have overhangs to shade you from the summer heat as well as additional fire pits to warm your hands during the colder seasons. Landscape architects today are keen on providing homeowners high-quality constructions that will boost their ROI and last for years.

Try Gardening On For Size

There’s nothing saying you can’t embrace a new hobby even as you invest in landscape architecture. Gardening is making a comeback among many homeowners for its relaxing properties and beautiful results. Whether you prefer to grow vegetables or a bed of flowers, installing a garden in your backyard or a row of shrubbery along your front yard will simultaneously improve your ROI and give you something new to wile away the hours on. A recent study saw the majority of real estate agents at 90% recommending homeowners investing in landscaping.

Consult A Landscape Designer This Year

Whether you’re new to landscape architecture or are approaching your fifth project, asking a professional for some landscape ideas isn’t a bad idea. Trends come and go, but good landscape design should offer you results that last for years. Relaxing, gardening and entertaining are some of the most common reasons homeowners decide to reach out to a landscape design company, though improving a home’s ROI is becoming more desired as of late. Whatever your reasons may be, your potential for growth is just about limitless. What could a new patio or new garden do to improve your life?

Contact a landscape designer in Spokane or a landscape designer in Bellevue this year and see how you can turn a trend into a lifestyle.

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