Long island builders

From Valley Stream to Montauk, Long Island has a history that is expansive and unique. With more than 7.5 million residents, this 118 mile island stretches eastward from New York City and is ranked as the most populated island in the country and 17th most populated in the world! Long Island building supply projects have certainly increased over the years.

What began as a beach destination and summer refuge in the 19th century has transformed into an area with hundreds of bustling towns and villages in need of long island building supply. These communities all serve as commutable havens to the major metropolis of New York City. The first neighborhood designed for New York City commuters was Levittown. A mass produced and master planned suburb, Levittown created many opportunities for Long Island builders and uses for Long island lumber companies.

Increasingly, as more and more families fled the city and sought to build homes in the new suburban world of Long Island, building materials Long Island and Long island building supply grew in demand. Within fifty years, as expansion continued eastward, a population that began with just under one million grew to more than 7.5 million (as of 2010)! Levittown began with the Levitt Brothers and Long Island building supply construction of 17,400 houses, and has now blossomed into an island metropolis.

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