North Carolina Historical Sites Attract Many Visitors

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It was the furtherest she had ever lived from the ocean.
The graduate assistant position was great. It was allowing her to coach softball and was paying for her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. The head coach was great. The athletes were motivated. The campus was beautiful. the only problem was that the small Division III college was in northern Louisiana. Almost five hours from the ocean!
After living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina her whole life, including her undergraduate college days, she had never lived this far from the ocean. Her husband is a merchant marine so he still gets to be near the water. For weeks at a time actually. She, however, was anxious to move back to the outer banks lifestyle as soon as she finished her degree. she hoped to find a coaching position or a teaching job, but even without, she knew that she needed to return to the ocean. In the mean time she read about the history of the Outer Banks when she had free time and looked at Outer Banks homes for sale.
The History of the Outer Banks Draws Many Vacationers
Many vacationers first visit the Outer Banks for historical reasons. In fact, three national National Park Service, as well as other historical sites, are located there:

  • Wright Brothers National Memorial This is actually the site of man’s first powered flight.
  • Cape Hatteras National Seashore This is America’s first National Seashore.
  • Fort Raleigh Historic Site This is the site of the first attempted English colonization that would eventually become the New World. It is also the home of Virginia Dare, the first English born child.
  • Cape Hatteras This is America’s tallest brick lighthouse.

Once vacationers have visited the many natural wildlife preserves and have learned about the history of the Outer Banks, they often find themselves relaxing on the beach. The hundreds of miles of North Carolina beaches are the home to surf shops, sports fishing, and kayaking.
Moving to the Outer Banks of North Carolina Is a Move Toward Relaxation and History
Not surprising, after touring the Outer Banks of North Carolina, many visitors promise themselves that they will return. And while some return for more vacation days, others make a permanent move. Whether buyers are looking for Outer Banks condos or other kinds of real estates, they usually have the most success working with real estate agents from that area.
With over 2 million active real estate licenses in America, it just makes sense that working with local agents will provide the most beneficial assistance. The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) estimates there are more than 115 million occupied housing units in the U.S., and local realtors often have a better feel for their individual markets. For example, while Denver realtors might offer suggestions for buying a mountainside home, Outer Banks realtors might provide the best advice on buying beach property.
Are you happy where you are living? Sometimes jobs and schooling take people away from where they really want to be. At some point though, many people prefer to return to their comfort spots, whether they be the beaches of North Carolina or the mountains of Colorado.

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