Make the Most Out of Your New Remodel

Glass mosaic tile sheets

When people get the itch to remodel, they often have to make decisions about their priorities. They might have more than one room in their home that they need to redo but the budget just won’t stretch to do it all. Many, when they have to decide, choose to remodel their bathrooms.

The bathroom remodeling job is the most requested type of remodel project, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders. The bathroom remodels accounts for 78% of renovations.

When it comes to the bathroom remodel, there are a few very specific features that homeowners have to decide on. One of those features is the shower and what kind of shower they want to have in place. For over 75% of homeowners, the glass shower enclosures are the most preferred. What to use for the shower wall tile and the shower floor tile are very important decisions to make. These are going to wear for a long time and need to stay functional and durable.

Bathroom floor tile and bathroom wall tile can be made out of many different substances. The type of tile used will be a matter of taste and functionality but also one of price. One of the great quality types of tile on the market today is glass tile. Making glass tile colors that compliment your design is as much an art as it is a science.

Whether it be the glass tile colors in the shower itself or the glass tile colors used in the backsplash of the counter, you are choosing colors and designs that reflect your life and your lifestyle. There is a fine line between choosing what you want and choosing what you can afford. When you find the right designer, she will help you make the most out of what you dream.

The bathroom is perhaps the most important room in our home. It is the place where we get ready for our day and also the place where we get out of our day and get ready for our rest. we decompress in there. We change and become who we are in the bathroom. That is why choosing glass tile colors that make you feel comfortable and confident in your space is so very important.

Ask any designer and he will tell you that it is better to focus on one thing at a time. Don’t feel you need to skimp because you have a couple more rooms to redo. At the same time, you know your budget and you know what your tastes are. You might not know your tastes until you see something you like, but when you do see something you like, you know it, and that is fine by you.

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