Looking for Flooring Solutions? Laminate Flooring Increasing In Popularity

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You’ve got your remodeling budget ready, but are you looking to install wood floors, carpeting, or tiles? This is the essential question that all homeowners have to grapple with at some point. Hardwood floors can last for more than 100 years, but are you going to be spending too much time buffing out scratches and waxing the floorboards? Tiles are convenient, but too much tile in a home makes every room look kind of like the kitchen. Carpeting makes up more than half of the American flooring industry and can be a more flexible choice for rapid installs.

If you’re thinking about installing wood floors, you should know that the installation process can take more than a week. Flooring experts recommend that clients have their new wood floorboards onsite for at least five days to allow the wood to settle prior to installation. There’s good news for wood flooring fans: harvesting wood that will be used in floorboards is actually ecologically-sustainable, according to the United States forest service. Every year, flooring companies harvest as much wood as they need, and our forests are still flourishing and continuing to grow. If you’re worried that hardwood flooring is vulnerable to moisture or to bacteria, there are thinner wooden veneers available for bathrooms and garages.

You may want to check your budget before you get too far into the redesign process: studies show that while most people budget for a $10,000 kitchen or bathroom remodel, only about 15% stick to their original budget. If you’re going to install hardwood, talk to a contractor who can give you estimates for hardwood, vinyl tile, and other laminate flooring options. Installing vinyl tiles that mimics wood grain could be a great option for rapid installations: if you’re wondering what laminate looks like, it has been used in bowling alleys for almost three decades. Hardwood installs can take extended periods of time, as the wood needs to be sanded between applications of sealant. Laminate can be installed more rapidly, and often for a lower cost, contracting experts report.

In general, carpeting is used for areas of the home with lower traffic volume. Bedrooms, living rooms, and even laundry rooms can be carpeted: just check with contractors before making your final decision. You may not realize until you install new carpeting just how much traffic your living room receives: if you need to put down localized carpet runners, it may be worth your time to look into tile or other flooring options. Talk to contractors about your flooring needs and make sure to leave some wiggle room in your budget. Home repairs can be a breeze with proper advance planning.

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