Learn How to Troubleshoot Common Garage Door Issues

The video discusses how to troubleshoot garage door problems and some things that people should try before they contact garage door repair companies. The speaker says that homeowners can resolve most of the common garage door opener problems by themselves, and he dedicates his time to explaining to some people how to do so.

The first problem the speaker discusses is when someone presses the button on the remote control and nothing happens.

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The first thing someone should do is ensure that he or she is getting power. Plugging something else into the outlet is a great way to tell if the outlet is releasing power or not. Alternatively, the individual can look for the green LED sensor lights to see if they are on or off. A power problem could be the issue if those lights are out.

If the outlet is not releasing any power, the individual can visit the fuse box in the home and look for the main breaker switch. That might just need to be reset. Resetting it is a matter of flicking it from off to “on” and then checking to see if the garage door will open afterward. That might be the solution to the problem, but the video explains a few more solutions.

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