Keep Your Finished Basement Comfortable Longer

Bathroom renovation vaHaving a finished basement adds a lot of livable square footage to your property. Is this something you can do on your own? It’s possible that you can do some work, but the rest you’ll have to leave up to an affordable basement finishing company. These companies will outfit your basement with whatever your design entails, such as a bathroom, extra kitchen, and insulation. Basements tend to be darker, damper places, so the right insulation is key to prevent mold and other threats to your health. For this reason, basement drywall insulation is needed to keep the moisture out of your basement. With that said, you may be wondering what the average cost of finishing a basement with a bathroom is? This will likely cost you an extra $10,000 to add a bathroom in your basement. However, this addition increases the value of your home, so it is worth it. If you have a basement finishing project in mind, reach out to a basement builder near me. Share your vision, get some estimates, and go with the right company in your budget.

Regarding the cold and mold, insulation is key.
Basement finishing VA homeowners should insulate the basement walls. Doing so will make the newly finished basement warmer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient. Rigid foam insulation is best for this task, as it resists the damp and mold common to basements better than fiberglass batt insulation. If noise is a concern, basement finishing VA homeowners can also insulate the basement ceiling, turning the basement into a nice discreet dance floor or rumpus room.

Kitchen renovation in VA, bathroom renovation VA, and kitchen remodeling VA all have their own unique hurdles, but basement finishing VA residents have perhaps the biggest challenge of all. When finishing a basement, it is generally a good idea to keep in mind that the subterranean nature of the room means it will be colder, damper, and more vulnerable to mold than most other rooms in the house. A finished basement can add tremendous value to a house, of course, but a few simple steps can save many headaches in the long run.

One important element of basement finishing VA residents should keep in mind is that there are certain laws and codes in place for bedrooms in particular. If considering placing a bedroom down there, basement finishing VA residents are advised to install a window and exterior window well. Alternately, an existing smaller basement window can be enlarged for this purpose.

Finally, in the interest of resisting the advance of mold, consider using plastic floor tiles for flooring. Inorganic and therefore unattractive to mold, plastic tiles can fit a variety of designs and are easy to clean and care for.

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