Interview With a Residential Roofer

There are a lot of questions most residential roofers come across in their day-to-day job. Learn more if you want to know some of the common questions asked to them and the answers to them.

1. What’s different about the job during different seasons? It is usually the start of the roofing seasons in spring and summer, as you don’t have to deal with large piles of snow.

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Most roofing contractors gear up their equipment and tools as most customers call them to ask when the roofing of their homes can continue.

The fall is where the season ends, so any remaining tasks should be done. The winter season is a quiet time for a roofing contractor as most contractors do not roof during winter, but it is a time wherein you go over everything that you’ve done.

2. Does a roofing contractor needs to do something with the roof during winter? During winter, most roofing contractors deal with the snow removal process to help homeowners make their place a safe place to walk around. However, they will only do these tasks if it is already severe.

3. What advice can a residential roofer give homeowners about their roofs? If it doesn’t look right, it indeed isn’t. Do a monthly or twice a year inspection of your roof and check whether your shingles start to curl; when this happens, the oils in the shingles have already dried out.


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