Installing Irrigation From Start to Finish

If your yard isn’t looking as lush and beautiful as you want it to, you likely have a water problem. Grass needs lots of water to truly flourish, but with some traditional sprinkler systems, you may end up with patchy or dry grass. You could try an irrigation system instead.

Irrigation systems for lawns include buried water pipes and pop-up sprinkler heads.

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These systems ensure every part of the lawn is watered at a specific time of day. A controller unit located either inside or outside the house can completely customize watering by section. So, if you know you have a section of lawn that gets a lot more sunlight than the rest, you can make sure it gets more water.

Typically, homeowners who want to install an irrigation system themselves tend to work with companies that provide plans and systems to install. Then, they just need to dig trenches, install pipes, install the control unit, place the pop-up sprinklers, and connect the system to their home’s water supply.

If installing your own irrigation system is too big of a project for you, you can also work with local contractors. Professionals can handle every step of the project with ease.

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