How to Value Your Home with Soft Close Drawer Slides

Soft close drawer slides are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. When remodeling your house make a point of changing how your cabinet pulls and closes. You are not limited to use these modern closing mechanisms in the kitchen and bathroom only; they are perfect for any other room where you have drawers. But according a research done recently, every year 14.2 million bathrooms and 10.2 million kitchen are remodelled.

They add some beauty and ease cabinet doors and drawers operation for the whole family. This makes a huge difference because the cabinets close softly and open silently. No more unnecessary tough pulling and pushing when you need to get something.

Why use soft close drawer?
No more slamming
The soft close drawer slides changes how your drawers function. They become easier to operate and will no longer slam. You can combine them with soft close cabinet door hinges to make the cabinets safe for everybody to use while ensuring there is no slamming at any time. The bathroom drawers or cabinets are prone to slamming especially if you have older kids who use the bathroom without your assistance.
Contents in the drawer stay put
Nothing causes damage to your drawer’s content than slamming. It can break or send them flying. Without the soft close drawer slides, a single mistake will give it a hard closure and damage any fragile items inside. However, if you install a soft close mechanism, it will prevent fast and hard closures.

Safe for everyone
Soft-closing uses an advanced mechanism that will stop drawers and cabinet doors from banging despite being pushed roughly. Your kids cannot slam no matter how hard they try, and it keeps them safe from painful pinching.

Soft-close mechanisms ensure that your cabinet doors and drawers are closed in the right way. This reduces need for repairs and maintenance. Also, the hinges, cabinet doors and the drawer rails are not strained making them last for years.

The soft closing technique not only increases efficiency in your house but also makes it look classy. When selling your house, they will be part of the things to attract buyers. If you are building a new home or renovating your current one, redesign the drawers and cabinet doors using soft close drawer slides soft close drawer slides. They are simple way to modernize your home.

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