How to Install a Shingle Roof

Installing new roofing does not have to be complicated. Once you learn the process, you will be able to do your own roofing in no time at all. However, it can be very tedious and potentially dangerous.

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The most common deadly accidents in construction come from falling off roofs. In this video, you will learn how to install a shingle roof properly and safely.

There are two important things to remember when it comes to safety. First, make sure the ladder is firmly on a stable surface. You don’t want that ladder tipping over on your way up to the roof. Second, make sure you have a safety harness or equivalent to keep you secure on the roof. It is very easy to lose your balance while working high up on an incline.

When it comes to installing shingles, remember to overlap them by approximately six inches on the sides and five inches on top. This will ensure that the wind and rain does not get in. Plus, you should install a layer of felt underneath to add extra protection from the elements. As you go, you may find that you need to cut the shingles or felt to fit the roof.


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