How a Leak Detection System Works

When considering leak detection service, you may want to understand how a leak detective system works. In this video a leak detection service professional goes over how the system works.

8.1% of homes experience a plumbing leak every year.

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A plumbing leak is more likely to happen than fire damage or a burglary, so knowing how to deal with a leak when it happens is crucial to the safety of your home. You should first understand how leaks occur. They can happen because of severe water hammer, which is when all the energy and inertia from moving water that is stopped when you turn a faucet off is dispersed elsewhere. In this case, elsewhere means your pipe walls. Severe water hammer can cause things within your plumbing system to fail which leads to bad leaks.

A leak detection system works by metering the amount of water that flows through it, at what flow rate and for what period of time. You can program the system to stop the flow depending on the flow rate and the amount of time. These systems can be helpful for saving money as well as leak prevention. If you go on vacation, you can set the system to shut off the flow at a certain time in order to save money on water. There are even systems that have associated phone apps that allow you to monitor the system remotely.

If you have questions about leak detection systems and what is right for your home, contact a leak detection service expert for more information.

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