Homeowners Beware! Homes With Outdated Heating and Air Conditioning May Not Sell at All

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Making it through an entire summer of record high temperatures without an air conditioner seems impossible to most Americans, but less than 100 years ago, indoor air conditioners simply did not exist. Although scientific knowledge about the cooling effect of evaporation has existed for thousands of years, air conditioning services for commercial and residential buildings simply did not exist until 1906, when an ambitious inventor first used water vapor in an industrial yard production facility.

Fast-forward to the present day, and air conditioning services are essential for more than two-thirds of all American households. Regular AC maintenance and repair is also highly recommended; studies consistently show that clogged air filters and outdated equipment is responsible for more than one-third of residential fires.

Homeowners may wish to consult with local AC repair
contractors to determine whether their heating and cooling system needs to be upgraded; sometimes repair is a possibility, but sometimes it costs less to simply replace older components. In the last 40 years, household appliances have benefited from technological advances: refrigerators consume less than one-third of the power they used to, and air conditioners have received the same treatment from inventors.

Low-cost heating and cooling solutions are especially important for people who live under extreme weather conditions. In the winter, a few inches of snow on the roof may mean that heating systems must work harder than they are designed to just to keep the entire home at a comfortable temperature, and overworked air conditioners may not be able to keep up with cooling demands during a heat wave. Of course, newer air conditioners are specifically designed for heavy use, but residential AC repair consultations are still important in advance of hot summer temperatures.

Small details are very important when it comes to AC maintenance. Studies show that simply replacing air filters every three to four months can drastically cut down on cooling bills. Newer air filter technology can also assist people who live in areas that have high pollen counts during the spring and summer months: being able to rely on advanced air filters that are designed to remove pollen, mold, and dust from the air can make a significant difference in allergy sufferers’ level of comfort.

Of course, any AC maintenance should involve a thorough investigation of the existing ductwork in a home or commercial property. If a single duct has a faulty seal, customers could be paying more than they need and could also be overworking their heating and cooling equipment. AC maintenance and repair contractors should be able to do a complete investigation of a home or business’s ductwork and can recommend solutions.

Hotter summer temperatures across America — and the ever-increasing size of new homes — are making consumers in every state consider whether their heating and cooling systems need to be upgraded. The market for residential sales is highly competitive, and potential home buyers are looking for homes with updated appliances with attractive landscaping and reliable AC systems. Thinking about selling a residential property in the next few years? It might be a great idea to create an AC maintenance and repair plan well in advance of any anticipated sale.

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