Home Renovation Items You Must Have

When you start considering a home renovation, It’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed with the details that you need to consider. There is planning to be done and tools that you will need to get the job done. The home renovation items also need to be carefully planned out. This is particularly true if multiple rooms will be renovated. Costs also need to be carefully considered. A budget and home renovation items list can ensure that the project is successful.

Home Renovation Items You’ll Need

As you begin the planning process, you’ll start to see that there will be many items that you need to complete the work. It’s best to keep a running list so that you can minimize trips to the hardware store. Also, being able to have the tools and materials that you need on hand can keep the home renovation items list running on schedule. No one wants to have to stop working to run out and get a needed product or tool.

Secure Foundation

One place to start a home renovation or if you are considering purchasing a new home is to have the condition of the foundation examined by a structural engineer. If you begin to notice cracks, it’s also time to bring in a professional.

The Role of a Home’s Foundation

The foundation is typically built below ground and is designed to carry the weight or the load of the home. The foundation also needs to be able to provide groundwater resistance and function as a water and soil barrier. The three types of foundations include slab, crawl space, and basement foundations.

A structural engineer is able to ensure the integrity of a home’s foundation or identify problem areas. This lets the homeowner know that the home is safe, that cracks are not a threat to the structure, and that any shifting affects the whole of the building. The best home builders can help with locating a professional to provide this service.

Estate Laws

Beyond acquiring the necessary permits to legally renovate, most homeowners won’t need the services of an attorney specializing in real estate law. The exception is when there is a dispute with a home builder or contractor. This is especially true when there is evidence of major violations. As laws vary from state to state, homeowners will need an attorney that specializes in real estate law in their state.

Updated Kitchen

The first step when you are considering updating the kitchen is how much needs to be done. Sometimes, updating a kitchen can simply mean updating the countertops, appliances, and cabinets. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having some commercial kitchen equipment to make preparing meals easier. If this is the case, the “renovation” process will be much easier. The second type of kitchen renovation is much more intensive. This will be a larger project where the homeowner will need one of the best home builders or a contractor. These projects reimagine the flow and plan of the kitchen.

To achieve a redesigned layout of the kitchen, walls may need to be moved. Also, water lines for the sink and refrigerator may need to be moved. Moving the stove to a new location may require moving the gas lines. These are major projects that require professional expertise. Another project that can require significant work is moving and replacing cabinetry and islands.

Another note is that a major kitchen remodel will mean that the kitchen will not be functional for a period of time. This is another project where a detailed home renovation items schedule is essential. Being without a functioning kitchen is doable but not exactly convenient, particularly for families.

Long-Lasting Furniture

Sometimes all your home needs are new furniture pieces to make it feel refreshed, new, and up to date. Before you run out to the nearest furniture stores, take some time to do research about the items that you need. Decide on a new color scheme if appropriate and take stock of what truly needs to be replaced.

Some furniture pieces may simply need to be reupholstered. Kitchen and outdoor chairs may just need a new coat of paint to make your space feel fresh and new. Sometimes, if you stop to truly assess your current furniture, there may be simple, less costly fixes available. This is also where a home renovation items schedule can be helpful. A schedule can give you time to do your research, assess your current furnishings and decide on the style and “look” that you are searching for.

However, when I’m looking for new home furnishings, the first thing I want is good, solid, well-made furniture that will last. That’s why I turn to some of the best furniture manufacturing companies. Finding a respected company is key when decorating your home. This is a good place to start when looking for new long-lasting furniture and home decor accessories.

Clean Water

During your renovation, if you decide to add a clean water storage tank, there are several decisions that you will need to work into your home renovations times schedule. There are many styles of tanks to choose from including polyethylene, copper, steel, and fiberglass.

Water Tank Size

The first question I would ask is what size tank is needed. Logically, if there is room outside near the home or on the roof, a larger tank will continually supply clean water for the entire family. Smaller tanks are available, though for smaller spaces.

Water Tank Location

Deciding on where the water storage tanks will be located helps with the decision of which type of tank to choose. If the tank is situated on the roof or in a sunny location, it may be wise to have it fitted with a UV filter. This allows the sun to naturally purify the water in the tank.

Water Tank Regulations

Please note, when considering a water storage tank, look into the regulations where your home is located. Even if the home is not required to be connected to the main water and sewage supply system, there may still be regulations or certifications regarding the type and location of the tank. It’s best to check first! Finding out later can cause additional costs that will hamper the home renovations times schedule. It’s best to know the regulations in your state and area of the city before you select the right clean water tank for you and your family.

Energy Efficient Air

When going with a new AC installation, there are several things to look for so that you know that your new system will be as energy-efficient as possible. This will not only keep your home cool in summer but lower your energy bills.

First, begin with systems with the blue Energy STAR certification. This signifies that the unit has exceeded high-efficiency standards as compared to other similar units. In the same vein, look for units that have an energy-saving setting that will turn off the compressor and fan when the space has cooled down. Many AC units today also have programmable temperature settings that allow you to schedule cooling times or set a precise temperature. This is helpful as you can have the unit turn on a few minutes before you return home from work.

Make sure that the AC unit is the right size for the space. Too small and the unit has to work hard to get to the right temperature. A unit that is too large can make the air in the home feel humid. Either end of the spectrum ends up using more energy than necessary and driving up your bills.

Lastly, look for AC units with high EER and SEER ratings. These are energy efficiency rating mechanisms. EER is an acronym for “energy efficiency rating” while SEER is an acronym for “seasonal energy efficiency rating. High rankings in both of these areas mean a more energy-efficient AC unit.

Spacious Backyard

When you are building your home renovation items schedule, take some time to take care of your backyard and garden. In some cases, it may just be that you need to replace some lawn and turf. This can happen when there are pets and rumbustious children actively using the space.

For many people, the backyard is where they spend a lot of time, so it needs to be maintained, or in some cases renovated. The backyard or garden is where you can truly customize the space to meet your needs for relaxation and budget.

Think about what you really want. Do you want a seating area? How about a fountain so that you can have the sound of trickling water when you want it? Hammocks, sofas, chairs, and firepits are all features that are affordable and easy to install.

Depending on the weather in your area, you will need to pragmatically select plants with care. I start with trees and bushes then add beds of flowering plants. If you plan it in your home renovation items schedule, you can always have beautiful flowers and plants surrounding you. One more tip is to not plant so close to your home. It can cause foundation problems if the water collects there.

Sometimes all that is required is a light touch. Will a small fountain or birdbath add the right look to spruce up your backyard? Sometimes. I know that I adore flowering trees and bushes that give me a pop of color throughout the year. If you are unsure, ask a gardener for their opinion. They may surprise you with the suggestions they have.

Self-Care Space

At the end of a hard day, even I need a self-care space that I can retreat to with home space products. I consider my bathroom to be my relaxing space at the end of the day. That means that I can retreat, have a snack, and a glass of wine, and just soak the troubles of the day away.

Creating this for yourself is not that difficult. I generally start with soft candles and soft music. This provides me with a soft relaxing light. I also do a facial mask to start the detox process.

While not necessarily relaxing, I also use some best wax products and home spa products. If your skin is sensitive, consider using a sugaring product as it is gentler on the skin. While I may not always enjoy the process, I feel better, cleaner, and more beautiful afterward.

So when you don’t have this kind of space to be alone and simply relax, you need to create one. Bathroom renovations can be expensive but if you take care of your home renovation items, you can have the bathroom, home spa, of your dreams. Trust me, I did.

Home Protection Plan

When you are considering a home renovation, you need to also think about a home protection plan or insurance plan. This gives you with asset protection that you need. If you are undergoing a major renovation, this means that you have invested a lot of money and sweat equity into your space. Ensure that it is protected from the many things that could harm it. This could include a severe storm or even someone becoming injured on your property. The resulting lawsuits from an injury can bankrupt most homeowners. That’s why you need to invest in the coverage you and your family need to protect yourself.

Take my advice, before you consider doing any major renovation, plan, and research well in advance. Taking the time to do complete home renovation items will help you in the long run. While most renovation projects run over time and over budget, forward planning can help control costs and the length of the project. This is just my opinion, but it was one that I have developed from spending copious amounts of time on budgets and home renovation items schedules.

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