Geese Aren’t Just Annoying, They Can Be A Health Hazard The Hands-Off Approach Of Bird Repellent Gel

A clean property is a successful property. Doesn’t matter if you’re overseeing the exterior design of a business or a newly constructed apartment complex.

Customers are more likely to stick around when there’s a lush lawn and a clean sidewalk to look forward to. People are more likely to move in when they know their needs will be taken care of on a rolling basis. Likewise…you run the risk of turning people away if you neglect upkeep, even a little bit. Geese remain a major frustration for many property owners today, leaving everything from down feathers to droppings. Since they’re an essential part of the ecosystem, bird repellent gel is a way to make sure everyone leaves happy.

What’s the unifying link between happy customers, satisfied property managers, and unharmed wildlife? It’s all in the gel.

Simple Facts About Waterfowl And Their Impact

Whether this is your first time using a geese pest control service or your third, it’s good to be aware of waterfowl habits and their impact on your life. The Canada goose (scientifically known as ‘Branta canadensis’) is one of the largest members of the Anatidae, or waterfowl family. Geese scare tactics are numerous due to their large numbers and stubborn nature. Some attempt to scare geese manually, while others use harmful methods that can cull populations. The best way to remove geese from your property is through bird repellent gel.

The Growth Of Geese Populations In Canada

It’s not just you. There is a significant increase in geese populations across Canada, with scientists estimating this substantial rise occurring for decades. A major contributor to this increase is the easy ability of geese to adapt to man’s landscaping practices. Everything from new ponds to lakeside lawns are incredibly attractive to geese, giving them ample room and comfort to expand. Unfortunately, this also leads to a lot of damage…some of which can be hazardous to human health if not properly checked.

Common Misconceptions About Geese Today

An important step before using your bird repellent gel is to steer clear of misconceptions. Geese, while they can certainly seem as much, are not pests. They’re a natural part of the ecosystem that needs to be respected, as low numbers can indirectly affect other species in the animal kingdom. Contrary to popular belief, Canada geese don’t migrate. They prefer to live year-round in a single location, leading to one of their biggest contributing sources of long-term damage to property.

Link Between Geese Numbers And Property Damage

Did you know the state of Ohio alone is home to 100,000 geese spread across all its counties? Geese are here to stay, but that’s nothing goose repellent products can’t help with. Geese are able to cause notable damage to your turf grass, as well as other surfaces, due to their hardy foraging habits. Fecal contamination isn’t just unsightly, either, but a potential health hazard. When you use bird repellent gel you do the necessary work of keeping your property clean and looking after the well-being of your clientele.

The Function Of Eco Friendly Goose Repellent

Geese control methods have gotten better these past few years. Bird repellent gel is explicitly designed to be eco-friendly and long-lasting, giving you the means of focusing your attention elsewhere. It works by changing the taste of your turf, making it unappealing to geese and causing a ripple effect that will be felt within days of use. You can also try goose repellent pellets alongside your bird repellent gel for a well-rounded effect. It’s a proactive attitude that wins the day here…and one you can start this week by looking into the best goose deterrent.

Stay clean. Stay safe. See how you can finally give these birds the boot while remaining eco-friendly.

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