Flexible garden hoses can make a huge difference


Typically, the diameter of a garden or utility hose ranges from half to three-quarters of an inch. Hose manufacturers typically make garden hoses between 25 and 100 feet in length, which is really what most homeowners need. A flexible garden hose is lighter and often easier to maneuver for an individual. The longer the hose, typically the heavier it is going to be to move around.

There are specialty hoses designed for potable water, which are ideal for campers and boats. Those hoses are typically white or blue and come in lengths ranging from 100 feet to 50 feet. These are important to use in this function and are easier to transport and store than traditional garden hoses.

According to some reports, 113.5 million Americans garden each year. Gardening ranges from small flower beds to whole lawn watering and landscaping. The size of the job determines the type and length of hose that works best. Soaker hoses for example work best in lengths of a 100-foot, which allows them to be moved around the property.

When watering a lawn, the perfect amount is one inch per watering sessions, which is approximately half a gallon per square foot. Watering with a sprinkler system takes roughly an hour to 90 minutes. This allows the lawn to be fully watered without saturating the ground to the point it turns to mud.

A three quarter inch hose can deliver water three times faster than one with a half inch diameter. This helps the job go quicker. Choosing a flexible garden hose makes it easier to move around the yard and to coil up when finished, and they do not decrease the efficiency of the hose.

A high quality garden hose will last between five and ten years. If there is a concern over durability, there are heavy duty garden hoses that can stand up to a lot more abuse than the standard garden hose. Proper storage also helps maintain the life of the hose.

When looking for a new garden hose, it is important to take into consideration what it is going to be primarily used for and how often it will be used. The more a hose is going to be used, the more important it is that it is easy to maneuver and store since you will be doing that repeatedly.

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