Factors of Cost in a Concrete Driveway

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If you are looking to hire a concrete company to install a new driveway, you are probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you. The truth is that the cost will vary depending on where you live, the materials used, and the company you hire. This video shows a basic breakdown of costs so that you can estimate for yourself.

One factor that’s obvious is the square footage of the driveway. A bigger driveway will require more work and will incur higher costs. You can buy a rolling tape measure at your local hardware store and use it on your driveway to figure out what the total area is. When you speak with contractors, use this figure with their prices to estimate.

You will also have to take the thickness of the concrete into account. The thicker the concrete means that there’s more durability, and likely more longevity. However, it also means increased costs. Speak with your contractor on the thickness that works best for your location and needs.

For more information on what concrete contractors charge and how to estimate the cost of a concrete driveway, check out the video in the link above.

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