Essential Contract Points Your Local Tree Service Should Have

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So, you finally narrowed it down and selected a local tree service to take care of the long overdue tree removal job in your backyard, but don’t sign the contract just yet. As the attached video shows, there are a few things you will want to examine first. That contract for your tree removal project is not only a definitive financial statement, but it also helps keep everyone on the same page and ensures that both the local tree service and the customer are covered by what is outlined in this important document.

The first thing you want to check for is the cost of the job. How is this calculated? Is the cost stated as an estimate or price of job competition? Once you understand and agree with the financial aspects of the contract, it is time to evaluate the invoice for work being done. Is everything you are paying for listed on the contract? Are there any special provisions stated? Do you understand the terminology and what you are paying for? Last, but not least, be sure to check the dates and timelines stated in the contract. Remember, always read the contract before signing, take your time, and feel free to bring up any questions you have before putting your signature in ink.

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