Erosion Control The Silt Fence

Keeping up with erosion control is very important, both for the environment and for your property. One possible way to do this is by the use of a silt fence. In this video, you will learn all about the silt fence method for erosion control.

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You will see how it gets set up, how it works, and the difference between a normal one and a reinforced one.

The silt fence is like a low, long tarp that gets placed along a shore or cliff line. Reinforced ones are backed by a metal mesh to help keep them sturdy. The bottom edge of the fence is partially buried under the dirt to keep it secure and to maximize erosion control. Posts get placed on the downward side to keep the fence upright. They’re placed on the downward side to prevent any run-off from slipping through the fence. The video will demonstrate this for you, and go into detail on other aspects of the fence, as well.


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