Don’t Let Homeownership Get You Soaked Remodel Your Bath!

Bathroom remodel ellicott city

Home improvement projects are being seen as better investments in recent years. Remodeling a bathroom and other remodeling projects have increased in recent years. And it can be a very worthwhile investment.

Experts say that a major kitchen remodeling project, for example, can result in 80 percent of costs being recouped at the time the house is sold. And of those who are remodeling their kitchens, 37 percent cite better kitchen functionality as a critical reason for their decision. Among kitchen remodel jobs, new cabinetry is a popular change. In a recent survey, 67 percent of respondents cited that they wanted to replace their kitchen cabinets. And cabinet refacing can be another option, as seen in kitchen remodeling in baltimore.

However, there is more than aesthetics that concerns homeowners. For example, there is a dramatic increase in bathroom injuries when people reach beyond age 65. This is most likely due to some issues with balance, mobility and vision. Bath fitters can help. Getting a bath fitter can dramatically change the beauty and safety of a bathroom. For example, getting a walk in tub with a sitting option can make a bathroom safer. Home improvement baltimore, bathroom remodeling baltimore, baltimore remodeling.

So make sure to get bath fitters for your bathroom remodeling. It can add a new look and much needed safety. Find bath fitters with a good reputation, or a contractor who can do other home remodeling baltimore. Helpful sites.

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