Dead Tree Removal

Tree remover as a profession is one of the most dangerous jobs you can ever imagine. They climb the highest point of the tree just to remove some of its branches so that when you cut the main trunk the possibility of injuring someone is at a minimum. How does a tree remover cut dead trees?

Step 1: Clear the surrounding area and there should be plenty of room for the branches to fall upon if you plan on cutting them via chainsaw.

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Step 2: Survey the entire tree and choose what’s the best route for you to take if you plan on climbing. Usually, there are two ways to go about it. You slowly cut the branches going up, or you cut the trunk entirely.

Step 3: If you take the route wherein you cut the tree from the ground up, be sure to have a safety harness and gears before climbing up. Note that you carry your saw with you, be prepared that you should have the necessary personal protective equipment.

Step 4: Once you climb up the tree, the next thing to do is slowly saw away branches until you reach the top. In this way, when you saw the main trunk, there’s not a lot of loose branches to interfere.

Step 5: When you already cut all the branches away, you can now cut the trunk piece by piece until no trunks are remaining.

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