Corner bathtub

When it comes to modern toilets, we certainly have come a long way since the first US toilet patent was granted in the 1850s! The pressure assisted toilets we have today are typically far more efficient and use far less water than those in past eras, and switching to these water efficient toilets can save the average family up to $100 a year. Whether you are looking for pressure assisted toilets for a small bathroom renovation or a larger Jack and Jill bathroom, wherein the bathroom is accessible from two different bedrooms, the potential cost savings of water saving toilets in general is something that should be taken into account.

Odd uses for contemporary toilets are now part of the commercial scene in many parts of the world, as well. The Modern Toilet restaurant in Taiwan offers its patrons non working toilets as seating, and their food is served in miniature commodes, tubs, urinals, et cetera. This is definitely some amusing food for thought when planning a relatively pedestrian bathroom renovation, whether you are simply replacing a toilet or an entire room full of fixtures and decor! Find more.

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